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Turf Varieties

Tall Fescue


Our evergreen Tall Fescue is a great cooler climate grass which is shade and frost resistant. This beautiful dark green grass retains its colour all year, and has a deep root system with a fine leaf texture. 


We recommend this grass for areas such as Canberra, Orange, Bathurst, Boorowa and Goulburn areas. For warmer areas if you want to grow Tall Fescue you will want to be a keen gardener as the water and fertiliser requirements in hotter areas is high.


Our Tall Fescue is not a blend, therefore you do not have to worry about competing demands for dominant grass, water requirements, mowing heights and fertiliser requirements, as each variety has conflicting requirements as the seasons change.


Tall Fescue does not run therefore it is not invasive in garden beds etc. If you have a damaged area it will not fill in and will require re-seeding or a small patch of turf to refill the area.


Once established, the Tall fescue will require regular watering twice per week, and should be fertilised regularly.


Tall Fescue has a mowing height of 2 inches and it will not tolerate being mown close to the ground.




This is a warm season grass which is a lighter green colour. Kikuyu is a running grass which self repairs worn patches well and is suitable for more high traffic areas. Because it is a running grass it can invade garden beds and pavers if not kept under control.


Kikuyu responds well to fertilisation and irrigation and grows best in full sun. Kikuyu does not grow as well in highly shaded areas.


Kikuyu has a good drought tolerance and is very strong and fast growing through the warmer months. We are seeing an increase in demand for this grass even in colder areas due to its hardiness. This grass goes dormant (yellow/brown) in winter, particularly in colder areas with high levels of frosting.


In winter we oversew some of our Kikuyu with Rye to give it a green tinge through winter.  The Rye will go out of it as the weather warms up and you will end up with a pure Kikuyu lawn. If you wish to repeat this You would need to replant the Rye next winter. The rye MUST be kept mown so it does not smother the Kikuyu.  


Kikuyu has a mowing height of 30-50mm.









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