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Why Turf?


Many people already know that a well maintained lawn can increase the value of your home and provides a great safe surface for kids and pets to play, however turf also has many other benefits. For example:

Turf is considerably cheaper than other surface finish products such as concrete, pavers or synthetic grass.


Did you know that turf lawn helps with cooling and reduces glare, in fact, according to Turf Australia the average front lawn has the same cooling effect as 2.5 air conditioners!


Turf assists in preventing soil erosion. A healthy lawn prevents run off, effectively absorbing rainfall and help to maintain general water quality within the environment.


Turf helps control pollution, trapping carbon and sequestering it into the soil as well as filtering dust and other airborne pollutants out of the air.

Turf releases oxygen into the air – in fact according to Turf Australia a lawn of around 15 x 15m provides enough oxygen for a family of 4









Why Turf?

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